You know the kind... where everything they touch turns into a work of art?

Nancy A. Goodman, President
Her infectious laughter announces to the world her love of music, theatre, and of life itself. Nancy's delight of chocolate truffles and a sip of champagne are only outweighed by messy pottery classes with daughter Ahmei, the golden apple of her eye. She has discovered the perfect cure for any malady is an afternoon at the beach reading Vince Flynn underneath a wide brimmed hat.  After many years of paying her dues she is doubly proud of her success as a woman owned business.

Joël Thévoz, CEO
A visionary, Joel is a creative and disciplined renaissance man. Swiss born and raised, he spent his teenage years in the sunshine of Costa Rica and Mexico. Joel is comfortable behind the camera's lens, swinging a nine iron, and scuba diving. Well read, he enjoys time with good books: discovering new travel adventures to partake in, exotic culinaria that Main Event Caterers can explore, as well as alternative medicines and health practices. A true family man, he takes pleasure in cooking for his wife, their daughter, as well as his parents Didi and Marcel.

Michelle Fishman, Event Designer
Born and raised in Rockville, Maryland, Michelle has a true love for the area and all it has to offer. She has come a long way from planning her family's milestones and school social functions, as she now coordinates events at all the top venues in the city and beyond! Though she has a great passion for social occasions and weddings, Michelle's creativity and vast experience is vital to corporate event's as well. While excellent cuisine and extravagant parties play a large role in Michelle's life, her friends and family come first and foremost (and then of course, shopping!).

Spencer McCormack, Event Designer
A Texan native, Spencer learned to walk at the age of seven months, and since then has walked all over Texas, Los Angeles, Manhattan and the Amalfi Coast. He once ate fourteen scoops of ice cream and was awarded a shirt emblazoned with "I Ate The Kitchen Sink at Chezzie's Ice Cream Parlor." Visiting Vegas at the age of 21, he lost his shirt, luckily not the ice cream shirt. His brushes with greatness include meeting the stars of Terms of Endearment while it was filmed at his Aunt's home, and meeting Julia Robert's on the eve of her winning the Academy Award for her role in Erin Brockovich. He touched her statuette. A fan of potent flavors, Spencer cannot pass up beautiful black truffles, sinful salt + vinegar chips and exceedingly stinky cheese!

Adeline Blake, Event Manager

A recent graduate of Randolph-Macon College, Adeline studied Sociology (which will serve her well with this group!) however her robust interests in food and event planning led her to Main Event Caterers. Born and raised in Virginia, Adeline has called Old Town, Alexandria her home for 23 years and is still counting. She is one of six children (with 7 broken bones over the course of her life, 2 of which by her younger brother) and has been deemed the “event planner” of her family. She loves planning all of their vacations – whether it is to Alaska, Europe, or setting sail in the Atlantic Ocean.

Elizabeth Cheung, Event Manager

A recent graduate from the University of Maryland, College Park, Liz has been planning events for her church since 7th grade, which is when she knew she wanted to get into the events industry. Liz is fluent in Mandarin and loves to travel! She’s been everywhere from Taiwan, Japan and Singapore, to Italy, the Caribbean, the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic. On a relaxing day, you will find Liz enjoying a good jigsaw puzzle or painting, and sipping on her favorite drink- a strawberry banana smoothie!

Jackie Lacot, Event Manager

Jackie graduated from Virginia Tech in 2009 and after spending a few years behind a desk she decided to truly follow her passion, which is everything event planning!  Music festivals are her thing but she also has a love of travel.  She started young by moving around the country six times before she was ten, then traveled to Australia and finally backpacked through Guatemala for a month.  Jackie tried out for an Oscar Mayer Wiener commercial and, although she wasn’t chosen, she did get a pack of free hot dogs.  We think that fact alone makes us love our “Wackie Jackie.”                      

Meg Burford, Creative Services

After working as a government contractor in DC handling travel management, Meg decided to follow her passion for food and event planning and migrate to the world of catering. Meg's vast knowledge of all things culinary and her eye for creating beautiful tablescapes makes her a natural for our workplace. She was born in New Bern, North Carolina and graduated from Longwood University in Southern Virginia with a degree in Communication Studies. Her competition winning guacamole is compared to none and when you come to dinner at Meg’s home you most certainly will have a printed menu card at your setting.  Her daughter Emerson Grace was born in June of 2014 and brings joy to her and her husband every day.

Cheryl Bennett, General Manager

A bonafied country girl, Cheryl is an avid animal lover... just ask Wilbur, her radiant and humble pet pig. Her waterfront cottage is an oasis where the lapping waves and fragrant pine trees allow her to soar. For 25 years, Cheryl has excelled at sales and business management. Not surprisingly, she is well skilled with power tools.

Dellynn Periandri, Beverage Manager

Involved in the world of catering since 1984, Dellynn has experience from working the event floors all the way to mixing delicious drinks and managing the kitchen staff. She began as a mixologist and progressed to the assistant to the executive chef and the lead kitchen coordinator for 12 years. Her strong organization skills and her vast and endless knowledge of catering has led her to managing our warehouse and concocting our delicious and creative drinks. In her spare time, she is a dedicated mother and is involved in the PTA for Arlington County. Her creativity doesn’t just end at food—she is also a remarkable jeweler!

Roberto Zuleta, Warehouse Manager
An affable individual, who oversees and maintains the care and storage of the thousands of items that are imperative to any event, Roberto is as detail oriented as he is personable. It is his awesome responsibility to be three places at once at all times and to pay strict attention to so many intricate details it would make a lesser man’s head spin. He is the father of three rapidly growing sons, who keep both he and his wife amused and amazed everyday.

Susan Lane, Mistress of Numbers

Susan loves food and her nine grandchildren (although not necessarily in that order!). Eating out is her favorite hobby and Nantucket is her favorite place to be.  After a career in contract administration, export compliance and management, Susan is delighted to find herself in the Accounting Department of Main Event Caterers.  Originally from Boston, Susan lived in California and Key West before settling in Northern Virginia.  She spends her weekends with her husband at their cottage on the Shenandoah River where various grown children, grandchildren, friends … and the occasional bear …visit.