Catering With a Conscience

We believe that businesses have a responsibility to not only protect but also improve our natural environment while conducting daily operations. The reality that our industry consumes an incredible amount of energy and creates an amazing amount of waste has forced us to investigate ways to mitigate the effect on our world. As an environmentally responsible business, we also view our actions through the lens of our impact on the planet. Our commitment to sustainability runs through all facets of our business.


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Our Efforts at Sustainability


Housed in our facility are six 500-gallon tanks designed to capture rainwater that would otherwise become storm water runoff, which we use for our aquaponic & vertical farming system.

Aquaponics is a closed-loop ecological system combining aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (soilless plant culture). Both fish and plants are grown in one infrastructure wherein water circulates through the fish tanks, filters and plant beds and then flows back to the fish tanks, completing the loop. The nutrient-rich water that results from raising fish provides a natural source of fertilizer for the growing plants, which then helps to purify the water in which the fish.


In addition to our Tilapia we have 50,000 honey bees in residence. They are creating honey with significantly less chemical residue than commercial products as well as providing a superior product for our clients and kitchen.  


Our in-house water filtration & purification system allows us to bottle our own still & sparkling water thus eliminating thousands of plastic bottles from production, transportation & recycling.  Add to that the fact that the water is fresher and better tasting and you have a recipe for success!


Main Event Caterers offsets the equivalent amount of electricity purchased from Dominion Power by purchasing an equal amount of energy from a wind farm. This energy is in turn funneled to the electric grid to reduce our reliance on non-sustainable energy sources.



Our fleet of delivery vehicles as well as our employees' transportation to and from work also creates a measurable amount of carbon dioxide pollution. In order to mitigate this impact on greenhouse gases and global warming we purchase carbon offsets from Terrapass, who in turn invests in renewable energy sources to neutralize our impact.


The front line of any environmental initiative is to recycle waste. From Main Event Caterers' production facility to your event, we recycle all acceptable plastics, metals, glass, and office paper plus all cardboard is processed in-house into compostable packing material for event equipment.

The majority of our organic waste in food preparation is composted locally for eventual use as high quality soil, which we freely distribute to our clients and the community. For clients who request disposable ware we have substituted alternative disposables made from corn, palm, bamboo, balsa and bagasse. These revolutionary products are compostable and will completely biodegrade within 6 months.  By utilizing these and other methods we have reduced our landfill contribution by an estimated 75%.


Main Event partners with natural producers to directly obtain an amazing selection of heritage breeds and sustainable seafood and will make these cuts available to our customers for a naturally connected experience.


We have a mandate to educate our clients, staff and suppliers on responsible environmental stewardship. It is empowering to witness the motivation that is created in individuals and the collective difference it can make.


We know not what the future holds but we do know that Main Event Caterers will continue our endeavor to research and implement ways to minimize the impact of our daily work.